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Feedback from Parents & Carers

Respondents were asked to state one thing they particularly liked about St. Vincent’s. Here is a selection of some of the comments the school received:

Communication: “Teachers are easy to approach” “Keeping in touch with school is very easy.” “Ms Ness is always on-hand when needed.” “Communication is excellent…” “The teachers and Head of the school are absolutely lovely and helpful with both pupils and families.”

Teaching and Learning: “…the children get to experience lots of different things, e.g. Kielder Forest.” “Fantastic level of education and range of extra opportunities (educational trips etc.).” “The teachers really encourage my children to do well.” “My children are learning a lot and are improving…” “…various trips help the children’s learning.”

Values: “The school has no bullying…the kids are very kind,” “The Christian values promote fairness and develop responsible adults.” “All children are well mannered and polite.” “Pupils have great respect for their teachers.” “School is one big family.”

Parental Confidence: “The school is great for being on-top of situations in and outside of school.” “My daughter really enjoys coming to school. The staff are amazing with the pupils.” “St. Vincent’s is a fantastic school…” “Staff are dedicated to the educational needs and well-being of each child.” “Staff genuinely care about how the children are progressing: it is not just a job.”