Once upon a time ... St. Vincent's pupils had an exciting and adventurous time at Seven Stories.
January 2020
Parents and Carers rolled-up their sleeves for a wonderfully sticky afternoon of Glitter and Glue with the children.
A poem by Christina Rosetti for Reception's Ugly Bug Ball
Hurt no living thing, ladybird nor butterfly nor moth with dusty wing.
Nor cricket chirping cheerfully, nor grasshopper so light of leap,
Nor beetle fat, nor dancing gnat,
Nor silent worms that creep.
Ouseburn Farm - May 2019
All creatures great and small!
Stay & Pray - March 2019
Parents and Carers joined the children for an afternoon of prayer, reflection and song to celebrate the new life of Easter.
Stay & Play - March 2019
Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens - March 2019 
Stay & Pray - February 2019
Parents, carers and pupils enjoyed an afternoon of counting and sorting.