It's time to learn!

Dear Parents and Carers,
Lockdown is over but that doesn't mean there won't be times when pupils need to self-isolate and will, consequently, miss more time at school. Therefore, all children have taken home new maths and English exercise books to complete during these times. Additionally, self-isolating pupils must be reminded (and encouraged) to log-on to Busy Things, Timestable RockstarsBug Club and Letterjoin every day.
It might also be worthwhile revisiting some of the online work that class teachers posted during the spring term: some of the videos and worksheets have been kept on the website for this purpose. Please contact the school if your self-isolating child needs additional home-learning activities. Thank you.
Ms Ness
<<< click on your year group
<<< then click on today's date
Your teacher has set Busy Things tasks for you to complete. Here are the instructions:
1.  Log in using your username
2. Click on your class
3. Click on your name
4. Enter your picture passcode (sent by text on Monday morning)
5. Complete assignments in 'My Assignments'
6. Complete activities in 'My Activities'
Please email your teacher (using the class email) if you have forgotten your log-in details for:
x-Tables Rockstars 
Bug Club
Busy Things