KS2's Christmas Performance 2021

Two out of three live performances (Reception and KS1) is an improvement on last year and I'm particularly pleased that our youngest pupils were awarded this memorable school experience. 
Unfortunately, changes in the Covid guidance from the Local Authority and DfE meant school was obliged to change too. Staff and pupils were very disappointed by the cancellation of KS2's performance, but 'every cloud...'
The show, Super Star, has been edited to keep each class in its bubble and all 4 classes have recorded a scene. The adapted show is now ready for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, over and over again: a silver lining indeed.
The quality of the recordings is a little lacking, apologies. Perhaps Santa will deliver some top-notch video recording equipment to school this Christmas. 
Wishing you a festive season of peace, joy and hope.
Ms Ness
Scene 1. The Auditions
Scene 2. Three Wise Men
Scene 3. Mary & Joseph
Scene 4. Shepherds